London ‘Agritecture’ sustainability workshop to feature V-Farm

Architects, commercial growers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers and sustainability managers will be working together to consider a viable ‘agritecture’ concept for London at a special interdisciplinary workshop on 24 & 25th June, co-hosted  by, the Association of Vertical Farming (AVF), Southbank Consulting, Blue Planet Consulting and venue hosts, CASS School of Architecture, London.

The two day workshop, titled ‘Integrating agriculture into urban neighbourhoods’ will be led by mentors from AVF and Blue Planet Consulting who first started running the workshop in New York in December 2014.  Participants will be challenged to combine their knowledge and disciplines to complete a mission in urban agriculture project planning, demonstrating creativity, sustainability and feasibility when integrating agriculture into cities.

A mini version of V-Farm will be on display at the workshop as an example of how hydroponic farming can be incorporated into design projects to offer sustainable solutions to future generations.

Click here for tickets to the event.

VydroFarm at Agritecture